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Rapture Rejects offers the player a variety of weapons fit for many play styles. Whether players excel at long-range, short-range combat, or something in between, one is able to decide how they want to shoot their friends.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Dropped Loot from killed Players

- Weapons you pick up go into Weapon Slot 1, first.

- Weapons use two types of ammo, trash or scrap.

- The moment you pick up a gun you need to load it with ammo. (Press R)

- Ammo can be found on the ground, in loot boxes, or near the corpses of your enemies.

- The moment you get a second gun it is placed in the Weapon Slot you aren't using. From then on, if you pick up a gun it swaps it with the gun you are using.

- You also have use of your fists until you pick up guns. (Left Click)

- Some weapons have an Alt Fire (Right Click), it would serve you well to learn them.

Fists[edit | edit source]

Naked Florida Man Punches Tree.png

You ever get so angry you just punch shit? That's probably why you didn't make it into Heaven.

You start with this as your default weapon slots.

Decent damage if you have nothing else though it is easily overpowered by most guns. No Alt Fire.

The moment you get two guns, you can forget about those nubs you've been using to punch with. No really, it seems like you will forget how to punch as your hands are immediately replaced with weapons.

If you ever run out of ammo, you can (Right Click) a weapon slot to drop your weapon. You can't use a melee attack if you have a weapon equipped.

Scrap Ammo[edit | edit source]

Nailgun (Revolver)[edit | edit source]

@Essradi Running w- a Pistol.png

"You got... Nailed."

-Long/mid range, accurate single shot

-Weak/mid damage, mid/slow fire speed

-6 shots per reload

-Mid reload time (3 seconds)

-No Alt Fire

-Found everywhere

Tromblunderbuss (Pump Action Shotgun)[edit | edit source]

Screenshot 2018-07-14.png

"Band camp always did traumatize me."

-Short Range, large burst with five shots spreading

-Mid/strong damage, mid fire speed

-5 shots per reload

-Mid reload time (3 seconds)

-Alt Fire shoots an explosion further out, large area of effect

-Found in loot box

Toaster Full of Knives (Double Barrel Shotgun)[edit | edit source]

Screenshot 2018-07-14 toaster.png

"You stuffed knives in a toaster. Please, stay away from me."

-Short range, mid burst with five shots spreading

-Strong damage, quick fire speed

-2 shots per reload

-Mid reload time (3 seconds)

-Alt Fire is a Rocket Jump! You can jump over certain walls, terrain, and through windows!

-Found in loot box

Spork (Sniper) Rifle[edit | edit source]


"I can see why you didn't make it into Heaven with this thing."

-Longest range, accurate single shot

-Weak/mid damage, mid/slow fire speed

-6 shots per reload

-Slowest reload time (5 seconds)

-Alt Fire is a Zoom Out, you can slow walk while zooming but you can't run. Holding down the Alt Fire charges up a powerful shot in 2 seconds

-Found in loot box

Trash Ammo[edit | edit source]

CD Launcher (Automatic Pistol)[edit | edit source]

@StrayCatJr CD Expert.png

"It rapidly fires old AOL disks."

-Short range, quick click single shot

-12 damage per shot, someone just jammed CD's into a gun

-10 shots per reload

-Quick reload time (1 second)

-No Alt Fire

-Found everywhere

Reversed Pencil Sharpener (SMG)[edit | edit source]


"This is what you should do when someone asks for a pencil."

-Short/mid range, low accuracy quickest full automatic

-Varied damage with quickest fire speed (point blank can be deadly but far away is spread damage)

-20 shots per reload

-Quick reload time (1 second)

-Alt Fire is an automatic reload, no delay

-Found in loot box

The Gumballer (Burst) Rifle[edit | edit source]

Burst rifle.png

"I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I brought a whole lot of bubblegum."

-Long range, semi-automatic two shot

-Mid damage, quick fire speed with decent accuracy

-30 shots per reload

-Mid reload time (3 seconds)

-Alt Fire shoots sticky bullets to slow your opponents, burst area is similar to shotgun blast range

-Found in loot box

Compost (Auto) Rifle[edit | edit source]

Screenshot 2018-07-14 13.07.21.png

"Remember, AR stands for Always Recycle. Or was it always reload?"

-Long range, fully automatic with mid accuracy

-Varied but strong damage, quick fire at point blank = bullet holes

-30 shots per reload

-Mid reload time (3 seconds)

-Alt Fire is the compost ability. It lets you suck in enemy bullets to refill your gun. (3 seconds)

-Found in loot box

Other[edit | edit source]

F-Bomb[edit | edit source]

Dropping the F Bomb, C&H Style

"You better not drop it!"

-Has a 1 second charge up time with a visual indicator (+ air time)

-Huge AoE dmg

-Strong, but exploitable

-Takes about 8 seconds to recharge, has infinite uses

-Channeling the bomb to throw it can be cancelled by shooting with a weapon or dodging

-Found on the ground

Disguise Kit[edit | edit source]

-Not exactly a weapon but used in the same space as F-Bomb

-Hold to turn yourself into a random item from the map. Allows you to hide from your enemies!